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Is the testing method accredited internationally?

Our methods are accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Details of our certification can be found on our website.

How can I become a practitioner with the RGCC Group?

We welcome new practitioners to our network. Please contact your nearest RGCC branch office for more details.

The exclusivity rights are different for every branch of the RGCC Group. Our staff will advise you on our criteria for becoming a practitioner with the RGCC Group, and help you become more familiar with our services. They will also be able to supply you with the necessary equipment.

My oncologist does not recognise the validity of RGCC tests? Can I ask another doctor to perform an RGCC test?

We have a global network of doctors and clinics that collaborate with RGCC. You will find a list here, or contact us to find your nearest RGCC branch offices or representative.

Where can I obtain testimonials from doctors who have used RGCC tests?

Please contact us for details of doctors and clinics we have collaborated with.

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