R.G.C.C. Group, apart from clinical services, provides solutions in Research and Development. The R&D department consists of different sections covering the whole spectrum in identification, production and validation of candidate drugs, combining molecular biology and cytogenetic techniques (Microarrays, aCGH, ChIP, FISH etc). R.G.C.C. Group is able to identify potential genes and proteins that can be “drugable” targets.
If it is located extracellular or in the membrane, the cellular department is able to produce fully human monoclonal antibodies, and test the efficacy of the above antibody with flow cytometry and viability assays. When the target is located intracellular the combinatorial chemistry laboratory is able to design and validate in silico different candidate molecules. The next step includes the biochemical assays in order to ensure the affinity of the product with the appropriate protein or gene. Main rules, like IC50 and Lipinski rules of 5, for small molecular weight molecules, are essential to proceed to further cellular assays. They include viability assays as well as gene and protein analysis to validate the products. Each step is controlled with different platforms to ensure the efficacy and reliability of each technique so the product might be a new candidate drug.