General Questions

On our website, under the category of R.G.C.C. Network/Personnel, you will find information about our branches and representatives. You can contact them and ask for the list of collaborative physicians. Details of our collaborative clinics are available in the same category as well.

We have a network of R.G.C.C. collaborators and clinicians from all over the world. You will find this list on our website or by contacting R.G.C.C.’s branch offices or representatives.

We welcome new practitioners to our network. Please contact your nearest branch office for more details.Our staff will advise you on our criteria for becoming a practitioner with R.G.C.C Group and help you become more familiar with our services. They will also be able to supply you with the necessary sampling kit and vials. There are exclusivity rights per area for every branch of R.G.C.C. Group.

Our methods are internationally accredited by ISO. The ISO certification can be found on our website under the section About Us/ISO

R.G.C.C. FAQ Database